David Hardie

  • Jul 10 2019

    Queensland First Home Buyer Information

    Did you know that significantly renovated properties may still be eligible to have the first home owner grant applied to them?   Applying for a first home owner grant If you meet the following criteria, you might be eligible for a first home owner grant. Unless you are an owner builder, you must have a signed contract…

  • Jan 23 2019

    Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

    When you hear the words “eco-friendly home”, you might think of a modern, architecturally-designed property out in the bush, with high-tech features like solar panels and a green roof. However, making our homes environmentally sustainable does not have to be complicated, expensive, or have an unusual design. Every property has the potential to become eco-friendly,…

  • Jan 17 2019

    Tips for saving energy at home

    Here are some steps you can take to save energy around the house:   Living areas In summer, keep cool by closing windows, doors, curtains and blinds. Try to use fans instead of air conditioners and set your air conditioner to 26°C. In winter, reduce draughts by closing windows, doors and curtains. Set central heating…

  • Dec 19 2018

    Future Secure For Blackall Childcare Centre

    The Blackall-Tambo Regional Council is pleased to announce that the Department of Education and Training have awarded the tender for the construction of the new Blackall Childcare Centre facility to Fleetwood, a national supplier of modular buildings to the educational sector. Concerns regarding budget overruns were alleviated during Mayor Barry Muir’s recent meeting with the…

  • Aug 21 2018

    Blackall celebrates 150 years

    Blackall, it’s time to pull on the party boots.   The iconic western Qld town will celebrate its 150th anniversary with more than a week’s worth of events from August 24 to September 2. Celebrity chefs and musicians, livestock events, food, art and even billycart races will be part of the celebrations.   Blackall-Tambo Regional…

  • Nov 06 2016

    Dumfries Station: Meet the couple fighting drought to keep award-winning garden retreat alive

    All gardens require patience, perseverance and hard work — but in the extremes of outback Queensland, even that can sometimes fall short.   On a cattle station in central western Queensland, one couple has worked tirelessly to keep their oasis alive through years of drought.   “We’re on Dumfries Station, south-east of Blackall, about 70…