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Dumfries Station: Meet the couple fighting drought to keep award-winning garden retreat alive

All gardens require patience, perseverance and hard work — but in the extremes of outback Queensland, even that can sometimes fall short.

On a cattle station in central western Queensland, one couple has worked tirelessly to keep their oasis alive through years of drought.

“We’re on Dumfries Station, south-east of Blackall, about 70 kilometres out of town,” grazier David Hardie said.

“It’s 32,700 acres freehold.”

Twenty years ago when David and wife Lindy Hardie first bought Dumfries, there was virtually no garden. Now, the lush green garden stands in stark contrast to the surrounding countryside in central western Queensland.

“I was lucky, David gave me a little John Deere tractor, and it had an accessory of a deep ripper,” Lindy Hardie said.

“So I used that to rip up the garden, which was absolute bliss.”

The couple moved to Dumfries permanently in 1999, when Lindy turned creating her dream garden into a full-time job.

Article by Courtney Wilson.

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