Royal Hotel, Hughenden 4821

Royal Hotel, Hughenden 4821

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  • Bedrooms: 45
  • Bathrooms: 45
  • Cars: 50
  • Type:

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The Royal Hotel, at 21 Moran Street in Hughenden, established itself as the preferred accommodation provider in Hughenden boasting the largest number of rooms in town all with comfortable provisions.

The leasehold hotel has built up a large consistent base of customers including government personnel, Aurizon and Queensland rail contractors, regular tradies, various service providers, families, and tourists. Plus, it is popular with the locals to catch up as well!

There is so much happening within the region – be it large nationally significant infrastructure projects getting off the ground or the ever-increasing tourist trade.

The Royal is in a prime position to take advantage of the growing hospitality requirements in town.

The Hotel comes with these main features:

  • Fully licensed bar – open until late
  • Advanced POS till system
  • Set in a relaxing atmosphere
  • High occupancy rates
  • Open style public bar leading to outdoor verandas
  • Bistro dining with breakfast, lunch and dinner – 7 days
  • Gambling facilities – TAB and 17 Poker Machines
  • In-ground swimming pool
  • BBQ area and laundry facilities
  • Spacious owner’s accommodation
  • Continual capital improvements over the years
  • 22 security lights installed
  • Full digital CCTV security system
  • Solar panels producing 75kws of power
  • Plenty of parking outside for large vehicles


The Flinders Shire is growing with increased projects planned and the growing tourism trade. Due to this, there will be a rock-solid demand for hospitality requests which you can provide when you take ownership of The Royal Hotel lease.

CALL DAVID HARDIE FOR SALE PRICE on 0427 575 974 or email info@davidhardierealestate.com.au.

Not quite what you’re looking for? The Great Western Hotel in Hughenden is for sale too!
Visit https://www.davidhardierealestate.com.au/property/great-western-hotel-hughenden-4821 for information.


The Downie Family who own and manage the Great Western Hotel and the Royal Hotel in Hughenden (North Queensland) have decided to sell both their hotels.

This is truly a unique situation – one owner who owns two hotels in town, with no competition. This is a once in a lifetime investment opportunity for investors to move into the expanding hospitality industry in North Queensland.

This is an excellent time to participate in the infrastructure and tourism development programme set out by the federal and state governments financial commitment to the area.

The Town of Hughenden is situated 380kms west of Townsville – Queensland’s second largest city and 520kms east of the Mount Isa Minerals Province. The busy Flinders Highway crosses with the Kennedy development road at Hughenden and is geographically positioned to capture travellers from all directions.

The main Mt Isa to Townsville rail line passes through Hughenden as well and these trains transport large amounts of minerals each day to the port of Townsville. The contractors who maintain the rail line often make the Royal Hotel their base for accommodation and meals on their work roster.

One of the major infrastructure projects in the pipeline is the COPPER STRING 2.0 – an 1,100 kilowatt power transmission line connecting the Queensland mining hub of Mt Isa to Townsville. The funding for the project could be around $1.7 billion with funding coming from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility. What a boost for the region! There would be a requirement here for accommodation and meals too.

Large government funding and private capitalism investment has been progressively brining industry and employment to the region over the past few years, with more to come! Including the completion of the Windlab’s Kennedy Energy Park 1, Hughenden Solar project, the current implementation of CopperString 2.0, progressive full seal of the Kennedy Development Road.

These projects are in their early stages of development:

Hughenden Irrigation Project
A large scale water infrastructure storage facility that will kickstart Hughenden first irrigation scheme, attracting more than 80- farms to the region. This has been backed by the current Prime Minister with a commitment of 180million dollars.
The project is currently in the final stages of the detailed business case.

Kennedy Energy Park 2
The second stage of Windlab’s wind, solar and battery energy parks in Hughenden. Stage 2 aims to construct 1,200 MW of renewable energy generation, which will deliver significant benefits to Hughenden. Collectively the renewable energy
generation would provide electricity for an equivalent of 800,000 homes. The improvements in reliability and reduced dependency on power from southeast of the state will also greatly assist to promote industry and business development in the region.
The facility will be a significant boost for the local economy, helping create local jobs and generating more business in the Hughenden region, particularly during the construction period which is gearing up to commence soon.

Flinders Shire Council’s 15-mile Irrigation Project
A small private investors growing Hughenden’s regions first table grapes. A 300ha irrigated farm close to town. This project will provide a boost to employment and patrons at both hotel over the coming years.

This project is supported by a wide range of community, political and business stakeholders from Townsville to Mount Isa, all of whom will be an integral part of the approvals, development and construction process. The project has an estimated total capital cost of $1.5 billion. It will create around 750 new full time jobs during construction and approximately 30 operational and maintenance jobs ongoing. We also expect significant indirect employment opportunities will occur because of the construction and commissioning of the project, with flow-on economic benefits for local communities between Townsville and Mount Isa.

The Flinders Shire, including the town of Hughenden, has many attractive tourist spots for visitors to enjoy. Whether staying for a day or for a week, there is plenty to see such as:

– Flinders Discovery Centre – Dinosaurs
– Diggers Entertainment Centre
– Hughenden Recreation Signature Lake Area for locals and tourists
– Australian Dinosaur Trail & other drive routes
– Porcupine Gorge National Park & Mt Walker

As you can see, the purchase of the two hotels together would provide a safe investment with different income streams available and an opportunity to get involved in the hospitality industry.

More at: https://www.visithughenden.com.au

The purchase of the two hotels together would provide a safe investment with different income streams available and an opportunity to get involved in the hospitality industry.

David Hardie – 0427 575 974

$ 1,395,000
21 beds 21 baths
$ 1,230,000
$ 310,000
$ 300,000
Call for price
45 beds 45 baths
Call for price
8 beds 8 baths
$ 299,000
1 bath
$ 275,000
3 beds 1 bath
$ 400,000
3 beds 1 bath
$ 1,250,000
21 beds 21 baths
Call for price
5 beds 5 baths
$ 110,000
1 bath
$ 375,000
$ 300,000
1 bath


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